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Original Scottish Artist

Chris Sharp

Chris Sharp spent many of his early years in Zambia watching big game while he travelled extensively throughout Africa with his parents and brother. Chris returned to Scotland to attend Robert Gordons boarding school in Aberdeen.  As a teenager his keen interest in art led him towards a traditional Scottish art school training, where Chris qualified after four years with a Diploma in Fine Art, from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Chris has remained in Scotland, and worked here ever since.

New Short Documentary about Scottish Artist Chris Sharp

Spey Pheasant Chris Sharp

The Artwork


Chris works within the areas of Field Sports, Wildlife Landscape, and all aspects of Game Fishing – in particular Salmon Fishing.  His very impressive attention to detail, factual representation, and fine workmanship, is based on his keen personal interest in all of that which he paints.


He is a keen fisherman, and outdoor sportsman.  Wherever Chris travels his fishing rod goes with him!

The inspiration for his paintings comes from the Scottish Highlands.  The unique light conditions and colours often dictated by the Scottish weather, produce unique atmospheric landscapes, and backdrops which remain quietly untouched by man.

The work produced by Chris Sharp gives the viewer a snapshot of a very private, fleeting moment between nature and landscape, where the viewer is drawn into the picture frame, and encapsulated by what they see.


Chris Sharp’s work has also featured on the front cover of two leading Scottish sporting magazines:

1992 Scottish Sporting Gazette
1991 Salmon Trout and Sea Trout Magazine (three front cover editions)
1990 Salmon Trout and Sea Trout Magazine (three front cover editions)

2011 Trout & Salmon Magazine


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