Try before you buy - if need to figure out how to hang artwork in your home or business, then try our web-based tool ArtPlacer. Just go to our Buy Art section, choose an artist, select an image and the button VIEW IN YOUR ROOM will pop up. Follow the instructions to upload your own room image then choose a painting and you can select a frame too.

Here is a quick link to get you started:


Still looking for something? For many years we have been supplying limited edition prints from Aquarelle Publishing, here is a link direct to their site, so just have a look and get back to us and we'll be happy to quote best price and delivery on any item.


LEAP (Limited Edition Art Prints) Gallery primarily exhibits prints and originals online, as well as at the Elgin Marble Company, New Elgin Road, Elgin, Moray IV30 6BA.

There is also has a selection of images in Montrose at Castlegait Gallery, 12 Castle Place, Montrose DD10 8AL.


The owner, Lesley Ann Parker says, 'I believe every purchase of art is special; often

I deal with customers who are buying art for the first time, and I look forward to dealing with you personally. Since 2004 I have sent art all over the world and closer to home I am more than happy to deliver direct within a reasonable distance, particularly if the work is rare and valuable. I hope you enjoy looking at the www site and please give me a call on 07887 84 64 95 if you require further information or e mail me at if this is more convenient.'


The Elgin Marble Company is open Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm & Saturday 9am - 2pm, but please phone Elgin first to make sure if you are making a special visit. The Elgin Marble Company is renowned for craftsmanship in marble, slate and granite for interiors and exteriors as well as a wide selection of traditional and contemporary stoves.