LEAP (Limited Edition Art Prints) is an online gallery based in Scotland supplying the United Kingdom with prints by artists Iain Faulkner, Stuart Luke Gatherer, Jack Vettriano, Matthew Haydn Jeanes and original work from Bob Dewar, William Dobbie,  Douglas Heggie, Frank Donnan, JolomoMyra McShane, Mikhail Vedernikov and Gregg Anston-Race. Leap often has a

 selection of images on display in Montrose at Castlegait Gallery, 12 Castle Place, Montrose DD10 8AL and at The Elgin Marble Company, New Elgin Road, Elgin IV30 6BA. Either of these locations can be used to collect your purchase, especially if it is framed in glass and too delicate or large to post.


I hope you enjoy looking at the www site and please give me a call on 07887 84 64 95 if you require further information or to Lesley Ann Parker at leapgallery@gmail.com if this is more convenient.

For many years I have been supplying limited edition prints from Aquarelle Publishing - here is a link direct to their site, please take a look and get back to me to quote best price for supply, framing (if required) and delivery.


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