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I've been busy working with the very talented artist Matthew Haydn Jeanes to bring some of his work online to friends and customers of Leap Gallery. We have three stunning watercolour images that have been published as limited edition prints and you can view the these below, as well as an idea of how they might look on the wall. Scroll further down to read more about Matt and his interesting career to date. If you are just starting out collecting art then his work might just have the integrity and style that you are looking for. These are large pieces, published in low numbers and you will find more details in our shopping cart on

Matt quite simply loves to paint, he loves to create.

From an early age he knew that's what he would always do...and he has.

This love of painting has won him exhibitions at schools, got him through his education, won him awards, given him his first job, set him up in his own companies (and others) seen him teach art, illustrate key characters for other companies, (including Disney, Hallmark, UKG, Athena and Andrew Brownsword), run brand licensing, and become an art director and creative director, going on to develop greeting cards product for major companies in the UK.

Moving on, Matthew has discovered his own 'voice' and identity in his art, focusing on portraiture and his original watercolour paintings.

He continues to teach regularly and has written for popular art magazine 'Artists & Illustrators' for the past 5 years (after coming 'runner up' in their Artist of the Year competition in 2013).

Matthew has been working hard for the last couple of years building up enough pieces for his own exhibition (hopefully) in 2021.

If you would like further information or to own a piece of his work please get in touch with me, Lesley Ann Parker 07887 84 64 95 or e mail

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