• Lesley Ann Parker


Guests staying at Airbnbs often prefer this type of accommodation so that they can "live like a local" so here is my recommendation for the route up Ben Aigan, Craigellachie which is something of a secret, or it was to me until I discovered it. I've shared this route with many guests and all seem to have enjoyed the spectacular scenery even if the uphill walk is more difficult, for some.

For a short but steep walk up Ben Aigan, (this Moray hill rises to 471m) or if you choose this could be just a nice place to walk the dog on the lower slopes, then read on.

These directions are for the short section, if you want the long section head to the cycle trails car park further along the A95.

From my airbnb cottage, take your car and drive on the A95 towards Keith for 1.5miles (2.4km), about 3 mins, then take a left turn at Wester Gauldwell House (you'll pass the Fiddichside Inn on the way). The road here narrows but it does have passing places. Drive for about another 2 minutes and you will pass Windyhillocks which is a lovely house on the right with it's pretty garden on the left hand side of the road. Watch out for the ducks crossing. Continue and drive on past a small cottage and another house on the right, then you will see the entrance to another house. Drive past this and look for the space for parking cars on the left. Park here and now you can start walking, don't take the track on the left but look for the path on the right hidden under the trees.

The walk is uphill all the way, very pretty and shady at the bottom as the pics show, with awesome views at the top. The walk should take 45 minute to an hour each way. Depending on the time of year, it can be very windy, snowing or hot at the top so be prepared. Strong walking shoes are recommended, as some parts are muddy. Always remember walking can be dangerous and is done at your own risk.

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