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Whisky Walking Tour!

Updated: May 29, 2019

If you are staying in #Craigellachie then you might want to walk rather than drive, take a bus or taxi to visit The Macallan Distillery. My Airbnb guests often ask if it's within #walking distance so here is my experience of doing that actual walk. It should take you around 45 minutes, be warned it is uphill and about half of the walk is on a busy road with limited pathway. #Macallan is built under the ground so you and the #distillery will be warm when you get there!

From our cottage, cross the road to the Highlander Inn and walk downhill through the car park, cut across The Speyside Way, through the park, past the tennis courts. From here you can take one of two routes; either take a left to walk over the new bridge or I recommend you carry on ahead and walk under the new bridge and take the scenic route over the old bridge built by Thomas Telford.

Either route will take you to the A941, the main road from Grantown to Elgin. You will immediately see a path and this will help you avoid traffic on what is a very busy road. The path is uphill and may be muddy. This path ends at the B9102, the road to Archiestown. Turn left here. Take note on your return journey and try not to miss this path or else you will end up walking alongside some very busy traffic!

From here until you get to the distillery entrance, the path is not good. If there is a group of you then walking in a single line is needed, from the image you can see it is very narrow with a ditch to the right. The opposite side of the road has a crash barrier and no path. As it is recommended we walk in the face of oncoming traffic I was not looking forward to the return journey. However you do get the opportunity to see our beautiful village from above - so allow time for taking #photos.

Opposite the entrance there is a bus stop, Service 369 Aberlour to Forres, Forres to Aberlour.

From the main gates the walk is almost over and you will see from my image the curved rooftops and the warehouses spread out before you shadowed by a snow topped Ben Rinnes.

Here is the main entrance to Macallan, car park on the right. There is a shop, cafe for lunch and bar upstairs, not signposted when I visited but do have a look as the views from there are lovely. Enjoy and just follow the same route back rather than follow exit directions for cars as this route will most certainly take longer as it takes you out further up the hill towards Archiestown. It's not a great walk and not signposted for walkers but you will most certainly receive a warm welcome from friendly staff!

It opened in 2018 and here's a link to a review from Scottish Field Magazine.

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