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Buckie born artist Jessie White’s style is expressionistic almost abstract seascapes, preferring to work outdoors and mostly in oils. She has been painting professionally for over 20 years and her work is known internationally as well as locally. She does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction, allowing her gestural marks to be full of emotion for a subject she knows and loves so well - The Moray Firth.

View the full slideshow below and please get in touch to discuss a purchase from this latest online art exhibition. All artwork is original, painted in oil and on canvas. Prices range from £340 to £1100 for the largest piece (1000 x 1030mm), which is item 1 shown in situ above the sofa.

Browse here for more images on ZOOM 4, ZOOM 3, ZOOM 2 AND ZOOM 1. For more info contact

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