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Francesca Bex draws inspiration from the natural environment and experiences a sensory and emotional response to being in the landscape. She responds with texture, colour and shape in a gestural way, using paint to articulate these feelings and experiences into images. A friend and neighbour of Leap Gallery when she lived in Speyside, she now works and lives on the Wiltshire Dorset Border. One of her many achievements include The Simply Biz price, 'Articles of War' and we're delighted this award winning artist has allowed us to share a selection of available images in 'Zoom 6' our latest online exhibition. All artwork is original, and you can view all 12 pieces below from 'Be Still' to 'Tobermoray'. Our 'Zoom' series has been inspired by the surge in video conferencing, so now might be the time to change that bland background for this 'future feature'. Please get in touch with to discuss a purchase or for more detail on size and price.

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